All paperwork was finished and we will start work in the magazine of the former Austrian mission in the Asasif on Saturday March 10 2018.

I am very grateful for all the support of the Egyptian authorities, the Institute of Oriental and European Archaeology and the Austrian Archaeological Institute.

Now I am much looking forward to this new start of the Ankh-Hor Project – we will continue where we stopped in 2009, when the project was also a German-Austrian cooperation, but back then of Humboldt University and the Austrian Archaeological Institute.


Asasif Team back in 2009

Update: Many thanks to all team members and all support by the local authorities and institutions involved – the 2018 was successfully ended on March 29.

Group picture 2018

The Ankh-Hor Project team 2018

Update: The 2019 season is already well underway, we will work until March 10.

The Ankh-Hor Project team 2019