Official start of the 2022 season

According to schedule, we officially started our 2022 season today! My small team is not yet complete, team members will arrive soon.

From today, the entrance to our magazine is open for the next four weeks.

We opened our magazine in the Asasif, an original Middle Kingdom Saff tomb, and found everything dusted, but otherwise fine. Ashraf and his small gang of workmen started cleaning and the tent and workplaces were also set up.

A lot of dust had accumulated everywhere and it had to be cleaned, like here in the pillarded hall.

I’ve already checked the first box which I left unrecorded in 2021. This box was a wonderful start for the 2022 season. Among other things, there were some nice pieces of cartonnage and fragmented faience shabtis of Djed-Hor and Pa-di-Amun-neb-nesut-tawy, well-known members of a priestly family who reused the tomb of Ankh-Hor in early Ptolemaic times.

Documentation of the finds from TT 414 with photography and drawings will start tomorrow. For now, I am really grateful to the great support of everybody involved in this smooth opening of our season, especially the authorities in Cairo and all colleagues here in Luxor.

Please stay tuned for regular updates!


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