New dissemination article about our 2021 season

I am delighted that a new dissemination article was just published about our first field season since the covid 19-pandemic. I stressed in particular the advances due to infrared photography and the continuation of our conservation programme. The material from TT 414, and here especially the large corpus of painted coffins, has so much potential to answer various open questions about Late Period and Ptolemaic funerary archaeology in Thebes. In particular, the rich coffin material as well as cartonnages, canopic boxes, shrines, hypocephali and other elements of the tomb groups illustrate key aspects of Late Egyptian religious iconography which continues to fascinate me, and which will keep us busy during postprocessing the large amount of new data from the 2021 season.

The rich material from TT 414 in Asasif is still far from being processed in its totality.


Julia Budka 2021. Back to Egypt: The 2021 season of the Ankh-Hor Project in Luxor. The Project Repository journal 11. Oct. 2021, 8-11


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