More videos of the study day now online

By today, all presentations of our Study Day are now available as videos on LMU cast – for free of course.

Check out Veronica’s video!

I am especially happy that despite of the technical problems on October 12, we can now introduce the presentation by Veronica Hinterhuber about “The Theban cultic landscape in the Late Period”. This lecture makes it very clear, how much attention we always have to pay to the embeddedness of a necropolis into the general sacred landscape. And in Late Period Thebes, this is very evident.

Learn about creating 3D models by Hassan!

Hassan Ramadan Aglan nicely points out the potential of 3D models of Egyptian tombs – taking the tomb of Ankh-Hor as a case study, but also showing some examples from the tombs he studied for his PhD, located at Dra Abu el-Naga.

I hope these free videos are as well perceived as the Study Day!

Many thanks again to all presenters and also to all participants!


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