Videos of the study day of the Ankh-Hor project

The first study day of the LMU Ankh-Hor Project was successfully held online using Zoom last week. We were very proud and happy that more than 120 colleagues and friends from several countries in Europe, from Egypt and even from the US were joining us! Many thanks, this wide interest is much appreciated and means a lot to us.

Although there were of course some technical problems – no surprise – all participants remained patient with us and our programme highlighted the challenges, achievements and problems connected with the study of TT 414.

I received much positive feedback and also a number of very useful comments and advice – again many thanks for this! Besides the scientific benefits, it was also just very pleasant to see so many colleagues and friends one hardly sees in person in these challenging times!

As promised, all presentations will be accessible as videos on LMU cast – for free of course. For now, the lectures by Cajetan and Patrizia are already available, more will follow soon.

Check out the video of Cajetan’s presentation to know about our applications of photography!

Cajetan spoke about technical aspects and logistics connected with photography of objects from TT 414. He also gave some comparisons with different set-ups in Sudan as we experienced in the framework of the AcrossBorders project.

Interested in archaeological drawing? Patrizia’s presentation will give you insights in practical details!

Patrizia highlighted our technical equipment, both hard- and software, for archaeological drawings from a large set of different objects from the tomb of Ankh-Hor. She also introduced our latest purchase in terms of graphics tablets.

An upate with more videos will follow shortly! And for sure this was not the last study day of the LMU Ankh-Hor project.


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