Back from the ICE 2019 in Cairo

Wow, it has been a very intense and very stimulating week at the International Congress of Egyptologists last week in Cairo. Besides stunning settings for dinners at Manial Palace and the Citadelle, there was much food for thought in the lecture halls. Especially intriguing were presentations of new results from the Theban necropolis and beyond – there is so much current fieldwork in Egypt that one week can barely cover all of these missions and projects!

I myself presented the LMU Ankh-Hor Project at the ICE.

I talked about some new data which allow an update on the use-life of TT 414, the 26th Dynasty tomb of Ankh-Hor. The important aspect here is that I believe it can be used as a model for other temple tombs in the Asasif. I also summarized the history of research of TT 414 and stressed the important aspect of joining data from museums and collections and the Austrian excavations in order to reconstruct the actual tomb groups from TT 414.

Looking already now much forward to the next ICE, this time in Leiden!


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