Busy with documentation and conservation of finds from TT 414

Meanwhile, we finished our first full working day of the Ankh-Hor Project in 2019. All worked out perfectly, working spaces, tents and tables were set up and documentation and conservation commenced today.

The nice and very spacious tent allows our large team of conservators a comfortable shady working space protected from the wind. Cleaning and consolidating coffins from TT 414 started with important pieces dating to the 30th Dynasty, including one quite complete inner coffin which belonged to a lady with the name Asetemakhbjt.

Mona and Cajetan documented various objects today, including pottery and funerary cones as well as coffin fragments.

I myself started re-organising the magazine further, still hunting for joining pieces in our large jigsaw puzzle – and really found some already today: more pieces joining one of our Roman coffins, hurray.

All in all, the next weeks here in Asasif will be exciting and of course busy – the 2019 season of the Ankh-Hor Project really started off very promising!


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