Summer break

Time flies by – summer and summer break have almost arrived in Munich, just 2 weeks more of classes, exams and meetings!

Much work has been done in the meantime on TT 414 – we are working in particular on the digitalisation of the documentation and of course continue with the database. I am in particular proud of Hassan Ramadan’s engagement in the project – with his great expertise in digitalisation, he also produced very nice new versions of the plans and sections of TT 414, and most recently also provided a preliminary 3D model of Ankh-Hor’s tomb.

Screenshot of 3D model of TT 414 by Hassan Ramadan Aglan.

This 3D model will be very useful to illustrate in the future the precise provenience of coffins, shabtis and other finds from the monumental structure and to plot coffins from specific family members/specific generations. I am very positive that this will help us to understand the complex use-life of TT 414 further!


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