Starting week 2 with new matches

We just started week 2 of our 2018 season – drawing, photographing and studying the finds from TT 414 continued.

For time reasons, I do a lot of work of puzzling with the coffin fragments in the afternoon on the laptop, using photos, the original registration book of the Austrian mission and my notes from the tomb/magazine. Today was a very successful day for new matches! Not only did I manage to relocate some coffins in the magazine, but a new match worked virtually on the computer!

Reg. 682 new joint

The object in question is a beautiful, multi-coloured painted Ptolemaic coffin. The picture shows the successful match: at the top, there is a photo from 1974 of a piece which is currently still missing and which I only know by this photograph; the fragment below is actually a new joint – in 1974, it was not noted as belonging to the coffin, again stressing the rich potential of our current re-investigation of all finds from TT 414!

Reg. 682 is the board from the foot part of an outer anthropoid coffin; its decoration shows a figure of a winged goddess with a sun-disc on her head, standing on the “gold”-hieroglyph. The texts in the upper part give the name and titles as well as the filiation of the owner. And this owner is a well-known person from TT 414: the divine father and prophet of Amun in Karnak Pa-di-Amun-neb-nesut-tawy III, son of Pa-char-Chonsw II and grandson of Pa-di-Amun-neb-nesut-tawy I, the Amun priest who started the re-use of TT 414 in the 30th Dynasty (for the genealogy of this family see Reiser-Hauslauer 1982). Many more fragments of tomb equipment of Pa-di-Amun-neb-nesut-tawy III, his parents, uncles and cousins are still waiting to be studied and will keep us quite busy!


Reiser-Hauslauer 1982 = E. Reiser-Hauslauer, B. Familien aus der zweiten Belegungszeit des Grabes (ca. Zeit der 30. Dynastie und frühe Ptolemäerzeit), in: M. Bietak and E. Reiser-Haslauer, Das Grab des ‘Anch-Hor, Obersthofmeister der Gottesgemahlin Nitokris II, UZK 5, Vienna 1982, 252–256.


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