End of week 1

Time flies by – the first week of our 2018 season just ended! It was very successful and comprised the opening of the magazine, cleaning, reorganizing and prioritizing objects to be studied. I’ve gone through all the pottery which still needs drawings; Mona has already completed a good number of these vessels from TT 414. Patrizia focused on shabtis and wooden objects, mostly from the Ptolemaic period.


For photographing, Cajetan finished coffin fragments, stelae and several small finds as well as some papyrus fragments. Photographing was in general quite a challenge – adapting not only to the outer circumstances like one very windy day, two quite hot days and the different light conditions according to day time etc., but of course first of all to the different properties and sizes of the objects. Cajetan was, as always, very creative and used a number of equipment I would never have dreamed of being useful for photographing ;-)!


I am still busy sorting through the large number of coffins, trying to find joints on one hand and setting a task list for consolidation, drawing and photographing on the other. Just perfect timing for the weekend was that I relocated today a small fragment of the beautiful Ptolemaic coffin of Ta-remetj-Bastet – giving much hope that we will be able to identify most of the pieces still missing on our lists.

The next week will see the arrival of new team members and will thus enlarge our scope a bit further. Of prime importance will be the start of the conservation work thanks to the cooperation with the Austrian Archaeological Institute.


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