Start of 2018 Season

Today we reopened the Middle Kingdom saff tomb which serves as magazine for the finds from TT 414, the tomb of Ankh-Hor and started our 2018 season!

The tasks for today were mainly cleaning and dust removal – nine years have passed since the last opening and this clearly left some marks – also on us, I really really needed a shower afterwards…

Thanks to the support of the local authorities and our workmen, we started very well into the new season – the first objects from TT 414 were already drawn by Mona and Patrizia and also photographed by Cajetan!


The goal for the first week will be re-organizing the magazine into categories of priority – with hundreds of objects waiting for us, we will not be able to study and document all of them. The focus will be on coffins and cartonnage fragments, dating from the Saite Period to Roman times.


2 thoughts on “Start of 2018 Season

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